These are some of the social workers and teachers that have been nominated by the community to receive recognition in the form of live music!  We believe that by supporting these wonderful individuals, we strengthen the health of everyone in our community.

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Erika Klohe- Buckelew Programs

Why is she a ROCK STAR?: "As Buckelew's Family Service Coordinator, Erika helps families affected by mental illness find help and resources for their loved ones and themselves, navigate the local mental health and social service system, and develop better understanding and coping with mental illness. She also builds bridges between providers, consumers and family members, and educates the community about mental health issues and the role of family support. She has helped countless families, including a large number of transition age youth who have experienced their first psychotic break. Those families often do not know where to turn to for help and do not understand what is happening to their child and are terrified. Mothers have described Erika as a “god-send” who has helped them understand what is going on, find resources, and better communicate with their child who is going through this terrifying experience. Erika was also instrumental in helping develop Sonoma County’s Mental Health Crisis Call brochure that educates families on how to communicate with law enforcement during a mental health crisis to avoid tragedies. Erika puts her heart and soul into her work. She is a total ROCK STAR!"


deborah dalton mentorme.jpg

Deborah Dalton- Mentor Me Petaluma

Why is she a ROCK STAR?: "Deborah heads Mentor Me Petaluma and is a driving force in the community to raise funds and help at risk kids to get the mentorship they need to rise above and succeed in life. Deborah and Mentor Me have recently taken over the Cavanaugh recreation center in Petaluma and have made it a beautiful base for children and teens to come and learn and also play. She works very hard for all the children in this community."

Event Selected:  Bartók’s Concerto for Orchestra at Green Music Center

Marianne Campbell- New Horizons School and Learning Center

Why is she a ROCK STAR?: "Marianne is one of the most self-less and powerful educators I have ever known. I sincerely believe that if it were not for Marianne, my daughter would not be the amazing young woman she is today.   My daughter struggled with a significant learning disability, had trouble in school, and was heading down a dark path until I enrolled her in New Horizons. There, under Marianne's care, my daughter found purpose, learned to study and how to be responsible. "

All of Marianne's past and present students affectionately refer to her as "M".  She is loved by many and certainly deserves a night out to enjoy a live musical performance!

ronda black IMG_1196.jpg

Ronda Black-O Positive Festival

Why is she a ROCK STAR?: "Ronda's volunteer work for the O+ Festival was outstanding, especially when it came to community outreach. It is not easy to establish a music and art festival, and this would not have been possible in Petaluma without Ronda's help. Ronda is well known to the Petaluma community for her collaborative spirit, and her work with O+ is only one recent example of this!

I would like to honor and celebrate Ronda for her achievements and positive attitude. When you work with Ronda, even the most difficult tasks are fun."

Laura Briggin-Cypress School for Autism

Why is she a ROCK STAR?: "Laura has been an incredible advocate and teacher of persons with disabilities for over 30 years.  She has created a program like no other for K-12 students at Cypress in Petaluma Ca.  She has helped students to get jobs in the community, built a community garden where the food goes to the local soup kitchen, and developed educational and recreational programs to support special learners.  Laura has been my mentor for 7 years and has helped me achieve my educational dreams and Education Specialist credential. Laura also loves music and goes to jazz fest in New Orleans every year!"


caitlin headshot.jpg

Caitlin Cameron-Santa Rosa City Schools

Why is she a ROCK STAR?: "Mrs. Cameron has been a teacher at Lincoln Elementary for nearly five years and currently teaches 4th grade. As a teacher she dedicates herself to providing a high standard of teaching to her students, regardless of the available supplies or support. She raises money to fund her class field trips, provides art supplies, personal school supplies for each student, and provides rewards for her classroom incentive program. As a result, her students receive an experience that they would not have otherwise, because Mrs. Cameron goes the extra effort to ensure that her students have a full and enriching education. On top of putting in 50-60 hours per week as a teacher, in her spare time you will find Caitlin volunteering as an active member of the Junior League of Napa/Sonoma and currently serves on their board."

Mrs. Cameron is truly a Rock Star of our community!"



Larissa Pendergraft-Aurora Behavioral Health

Why is she a ROCK STAR?: "Larissa is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She is a single mother of a teenager, yet still finds time to do a million other things. I met her in 2001 and from that time, I have never seen her slow down.  She was a caseworker at a Diversion program but that wasn’t enough. After graduating from Sonoma State University, she went on to get her Masters in Social Work at the University of Washington.  In Washington, she worked as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor in a school district.  When she moved back to California, her passion for social work continued.  She was a Forensic Counselor at Napa State Hospital, a Drug and Alcohol Specialist for the County of Mendocino, and now she is a Social Worker at Aurora Behavioral Health System in Santa Rosa. She has a heart of gold and strives to help EVERYONE, even when she isn't on the clock.  She even helped my family with an intervention of a family member, even though she was already busy with other things. She is currently studying to take the test to get her social workers license, which will open up a world of possibilities to help even more people. I have seen her grow since the SRJC in 2001 to the woman she is today and I am so proud of  her and the journey she has taken. She is truly an inspiration."


debbie poze.jpg

Debbie Poze-Healdsburg High School

Why is she a ROCK STAR?: "Debbie started as a classified elementary school aid over 10 years ago and for the past several years she has been a special education paraprofessional at Healdsburg High School. Due to level of commitment and attention to the needs of the children she worked with, almost all of the seniors she worked with graduated and several special education children from HHS received college scholarships for the first time in the school's history. She did all this with a high school education. She works with groups or individuals and she always shows total compassion commitment and love."


charisma de los reyes.jpeg

Charisma De Los Reyes-Child Welfare Services County of San Diego

Why is she a ROCK STAR?: "Charisma is a remarkable light to the County of San Diego. She has been an instrumental piece to helping move mountains and create change within the Child Welfare System here in San Diego to help protect children from commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Charisma is collaborative and is considered the "go to" person for local law enforcement and service providers! She is dedicated in training and offering assistance to the community to raise awareness on the impact of trauma on Children and youth and the high risks of exposure to trauma that can lead to exploitation. Charisma is someone who is always willing to work with other to help create a safer community and I am honored to call her a partner in San Diego County in the fight against human trafficking."



Christine Thomas-Project Success

Why is she a ROCK STAR?: "Christine has been working at SOS Community Counseling. Through this position she has been Coordinating Project Success Plus, Managing Windsor Youth and Family Services as well as developing the Windsor Community Counseling Partnership and the Unity Project, which are funded by the Mental Health Services Act , Windsor Rotary and Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department.

Christine collaborates with school staff, law enforcement, families, and other community based programs so that the youth and their families receive the resources and support they need to move through their challenges. Bringing together various agencies that often have different agendas can be challenging and it requires skill, patience and understanding the community she serves. Christine has had the kind of dedication it requires to make things happen in the community. I am proud of her and the work she does for Windsor youth and their families

In conclusion, She always goes above and beyond to connect youth and their families to services, working long hours, and brain storming on how she can bring people together to fill service gaps and whenever she is the room you know there is intelligence, heart and compassion for all. It is this kind of dedication that connects youth and their families to the support and services they need."



Sadie Sonntag, Petaluma Children's Chorus

Why is she a ROCK STAR?: "Words could never express what a gifted, giving and accomplished educator Sadie is.  Not only is she the best at what she does as a singer and performer - she shares her gifts and guides the children under her direction to soar at their highest potential. All that, and she is fun yet firm, clear in her expectations as she raises the bar for the kids to do their best - while having fun singing great music and experiencing the magic of successful group singing.  A highly recommended educator and accomplished singer, young choristers will be under the best musical guidance in the entire north Bay Area.

The transformation in our daughter in terms of confidence, focus and musicality is remarkable. We have Sadie to thank for her shining example and dedication to the Petaluma Children's Chorus."

Event Selected: Emerson String Quartet- Weill Hall @Green Music Center


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