A note from a fan-"What it's like to be a human again".

Back in June, we provided staff at Buckelew the opportunity to attend concerts at the following venues: the Mystic TheatreHopmonk Tavern, Green Music CenterWells Fargo Center, Kanbar Center and we received this note back from one inspired participant. This is exactly why we do what we do!

"Thank you so much for the tickets!  The events were so much fun; and they reminded me of what it's like to be a human again.  I work for a non-profit agency where I support people with mental illness to improve their quality of life.  I often talk about the benefit of having creativity, imagination, art, and music to improve people’s overall wellness at work; however I often neglect to practice what I preach.  So this was a wonderful opportunity to get out and feed my soul without worrying about the cost associated with the events.  Many of us in helping professions are often underpaid and overworked.  If we are not careful, the stress will affect not only ourselves, but the quality of work we perform and the community we serve.  I see the ripple effect of the burn out/compassion fatigue in our work more often than I would like.  So, the music tickets were not just a ticket for entertainment; but it was a fertilizer to help the community grow healthier.  Personally, I sure felt the difference in my energy level and up lifted mood after the weekend of fun activities.  Thank you, Live Music Lantern, very much for the thoughtful gifts! "