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The Bloodstones

Hailing from Santa Rosa, The Bloodstones bring an original,positive "roots reggae" vibration. The unique style and conscious, creative lyrics of "Sky I" ignites the bands positive, driving movement. An 8-piece band including two horns, two guitarists and three part harmonies really bulk up the sound. Although the band focuses on original music they have added some classic crowd pleasing "roots reggae" covers into the set. 

The Bloodstones deliver a positive, conscious, groove that results in people dancing and having an epic experience. The music is filled with melodic solos, bass heavy "dub" sections and hypnotic grooves..

The Bloodstones' Songstress, Katrina Blackstone, brings her distinctive sound of bubbling pop melodies effervesce over beds of dub and funk, while her hooks punctuate various grooves in a perfect blend of subtlety and catchiness. The dueling guitar section consists of Sam Hamby and Kevin Seisenbacher. Sammy has been shredding guitar for 20 years. He also leads his own band "The Marshal House Project" (performing as a Redwood Cafe Presents show on April 14). Kevin Seisenbacher is versatile guitarist, formerly of the band "Felony Funk"...from rock to reggae, Kevin does it all. The rhythm section is held down by bassist and producer, Ben Stephens. His meaty bass lines and soulful groove locks in perfectly with the fiery drumming of Mingo Lewis Jr. Mingo has been touring internationally with reggae/jazz band Groundation as their percussionist for the last 12 years. Nicholas Hasty on saxophone adds to the sound.

"We put a lot of love into our music. Our passion comes out in our playing. Our music is a soulful expression of our emotions.We make home made heartfelt compositions."       ~ The Bloodstones

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'random acts of music' 
Tom Farnham - lead vocals, guitar, ukulele
Pamela Joyce - lead vocals, guitar,harmonica, ukulele, mandolin, percussion
Russ Gauthier – Lead vocals, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, banjo
John Lonacker – electric stand up bass
Bruce Kurnow- vocals, harmonica


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8:00 PM20:00


Put on your dancin' shoes, open your ears and join theparty! The THUGZ aka "tribal hippie underground zone" are sure to provide a fun time for all with their brand of original and classic jam rock.  Based in western Sonoma County, Calif. this multi-faceted band has delighted music fans of all ages and tastes. Rock, blues, country, psychedelic and various world music styles blend together at a Thugz show to bring the "positive vibes" of the "60's into the 21st century. Informed by the music of Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead, the Beatles, Miles Davis and others the Thugz' original songs and cosmic jams help to create a fun, communal spirit between band and audience. No two Thugz shows are exactly the same but the spirit and love of music making are always present.

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