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After toiling in a state-asylum known as public high school as 'teacher', JG created a basketful of ukulele songs (much easier and pliable for tiny lil' fingers) and hooked up with master producer Michael Lindner and squeezed and juiced and came up with Jon's first album, Water 'n Whiskey. Described as a chimy, hook-folk album, Water 'n Whiskey aired on local Bay Area stations and earned Jon a smattering of Facebook (ain't tweetin' none!) popularity and a spot on the local Sonoma County music scene. 

Despite his shortness, bald-top, unmarketable name, beer-belly, and girlish singing voice, JG aired his buzz in 2013 for his songwriting (KRSH Backyard Series, Real Music, Big Bash Hootenanny, Rivertown Revival) and uke strumming (Wine Country Ukulele Festival, Sebastopol Ukulele Festival). Along with Lindner, local music stalwarts Hannah Jern-Miller, Bill Iberti, Michael Bryant, and Marlaina Rae, what evolved into Jon Gonzales Stringband livened up the stages, and earned Water 'n Whiskey local airwaves and rave reviews. 

In 2014, JG left the stage and hit the homefront. After having a fifth child with Wife and JGer, Jenna Gonzales, the two tragically lost their first child, Jasper James, at the age of 10. 

Since, JG has gradually re-emerged. . 

. .and now. . . HUMP! 

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